Chum Kiu


Complete Sil Nim Tao Sylabus

Turning Tan Sao / Bong Sao Combinations

Cross Reference, Pak Sao, Turn Tan if Blocked Lan Sao to Trap and Strike

Guard Attacks 1 - 3 (Wrap, Snake, Open)

Basic Knife defence 1 (Lunge)

Basic Kick Defence 1 (Front Kick)

Basic Arm Lock 2 (Figure 4 on arm and wrist, back take down)

Basic Arm Lock 1 Escape Technique

Green I

445 degree Stepping Punches

Counter punch from side with 90 degree Turn Bong/Lap, Lan Sao to Trap

Turning Ding Sao & Follow

Counter pull with Lan Sao/Low Palm & Front Kick

Counter punch with Lan Sao, roll to Tan Sao, Punch & Follow

Turn 180 degrees Fak Sao/Lap Sao + Punch & Follow

Chi Sao Attack & Defend

5 minute Sil Nim Tao

Defence against Rear Shoulder Grab

Pie Jarn Drill

Chum Kiu - Part 1

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 5 showing applications

Basic Kick Defence 2 (Side Kick to mid section)

Muk Yan Chong parts 1 - 2

Basic Arm Lock 3 (Jum Sao on elbow)

Basic Arm Lock 2 Escape Technique

Green II

Counter Upper Cut with Pak Sao/Cow Sao/Gum Sao, Punch to Head

Counter Grab from side with Lan Sao & Front Lift Kick

45 degree Step Bong Sao & Follow

Counter Punch with Rib Strike, Tok Sao/Jut Sao/Front Kick follow Palms

Counter Low Punch with Gang Sao/Gum Sao/Cross Leg Trap & Punch

Counter Punch with Tan Sao follow Biu Cut to Throat (Clothes Line)

Front Kick to Wall Bag

Jeung Sao

10 minute Sil Nim Tao

Blindfold Bong Lap Drill

Blindfold Dan Chi Sao

Chum Kiu Parts 1 - 2

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 6 showing applications

Wood Breaking, 3 boards using different techniques

Basic Knife Defence 2 (Hook)

Basic Kick Defence 3 (Turning Kick to mid-section)

Muk Yan Chong parts 1 - 4

Basic Arm Lock 3 Escape Technique

Green III

Counter attack from side with Turn & Front Kick with Guard & Follow

Counter low punch with Turning Low Bong Sao & Follow

Counter Pull, step in with Low Bong Sao & Strike

Counter Front Kick to mid section with Low Bong Sao, Fak Sao to knee and throat

Low Front Kick to Mid Front Kick to Wall Bag

Chi Sao

15 minute Sil Nim Tao

Ding Sao applications

Chum Kiu Parts 1 - 3

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 7

Wood Breaking using 1" punch (1 board)

Basic Kick Defence 4 (Turning Kick to Head)

Muk Yan Chong parts 1 - 6

Basic Arm Lock 4 (Arm break)

Green IV

Sil Nim Tao with Energy

Chum Kiu demonstrating Biu Ma energy

Counter Front Kick to Groin with Knee Lift + Shin Trap/Heung Ma & Follow

Counter Front Sweep with Lift & step in

Counter Punch with Heung Ma to Cross Leg Trap & Strike

Chi Sao with Technique & Basic Counter Defence

Defence against 2 attackers showing power, control and targeting

Triangle Stepping

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 8

Counter Punch with Heung Sao, Cover & Double Punch

Wood Breaking using 3" floating punch on 2 boards

Basic Kick Defence 5 (Spinning Kick)

Muk Yan Chong parts 1 - 8

Basic Arm Lock 4 Escape Technique

Basic Arm Lock 5 (Arm and shoulder twist)