Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a week do I need to train? Depends how quickly you wish to advance. Typically twice a week in class is best, but we understand that students have a life outside of Wing Chun. Although you should try to practice every day.
Why do you charge so little? Is it a reflection of poor quality? No, not at all. According to those I teach the quality of the classes are 2nd to none. Lun Kuen is NOT a money making organisation, I teach because I enjoy it and most of all seeing how it help improve peoples lives for the better. If I can do this and cover my costs then I'm happy.
What should I wear to training sessions? T-shirt/Sweat Shirt, track suit bottoms and trainers. A regulation T-shirt and Sweat Shirt are available after probation period.
What is the probation period and why do we have one? The probation period lasts for 6 weeks and it is in place so we can be sure of your character and that you will not use your skills unwisely.
Do you have mixed classes? Yes indeed, in fact female students tend to pick up the concepts quicker.
How fit do I need to be? Average fitness. Wing Chun is not a competition style!
What about insurance and joining fees? No joining or hidden fees. Insurance will cost £8.00 per annum through the MAGB.
Do you suffer many injuries during training? We practice safe training and have never had a serious injury (so far). Training any martial art you will get the odd knock but I like to see students leave looking the same as when they arrived. To be honest I have suffered more injuries playing Golf than all my years in the martial arts. Also depends on the teacher.
How old do you need to be to train? Minimum age is 14 there is no maximum age, it's health dependant.
Do you do private sessions and is it worth while booking some? Yes I do but initially it may be a waste of money. Best to attend class and get a grasp of Wing Chun before you think of private sessions.
I've had a bad experience in the past and am a bit nervous about training with strangers. What is the class atmosphere like? The class is more like a family or group of friends. The students are all very helpful and will not intimidate you in any way shape or form. The atmosphere is very relaxed and generally quite humorous at times.
Is Wing Chun dangerous? Potentially lethal, hence the probation period.
What are the club rules? General courtesy, never use Wing Chun unwisely and always laugh at my jokes!
Who do you look up to, your hero? That would be my parents.
What should I do if confronted by a knife? If he/she wants your watch, jewellery, wallet or purse give it to him/her. Material posessions can be replaced you cannot! If you think that an attack is going to happen anyway run for it! Only ever try to dissarm a knife attacker if you have no other choice. Its not a macho answer but its an honest one, remember a cut 1/4 of an inch deep can be fatal. Techniques can and will work but only if trained and even then there are no guarantees. Try wearing an old T-Shirt and train defending against a red felt tip pen. Its a pretty accurate simulation.
Do you have a grading structure? If so do I have to grade? Quick answer is yes and yes. Although they say in China belts are used to hold your trousers up, gradings are important for many reasons. The main ones being:- They enable the instructor to gauge your progress and point out your strengths and weaknesses. They put you under pressure which is also very important, a technique is no good if you cant apply it when pressured. Also it gives the student a sense of achievement if he/she does well.
Do students fail gradings? I dont like the term fail, but yes quite often a student will not achieve their goal. But in all honesty its not about passing or failing, its about learning and there is no race to get a particular grade. Sometimes a student can learn more by not doing so well than by passing each grade with flying colours.