Why Wing Chun


Sifu Stephen Lyons

When people find out that I’m involved with the martial arts they always seem to know someone who is very good at something that they cant remember the name of, or, they cant understand why anyone would want to do a martial art in the first place.

Strange as it seems when Wing Chun is mentioned as being the style I teach, the reaction is usually a blank expression followed by “Yes my friend does Karate too”.

What follows next is my attempt to explain the style of Wing Chun.

Then comes the inevitable question “ Is it better than xyz”.

To be honest my views on this subject are obviously biased toward what I teach, but I also feel that all arts have their strong and weak points, and it’s also down to what best suits the individual.

In my humble opinion, Wing Chun is an ideal style for almost anyone with the ability to learn.

Why ?

It is a style that the average man or woman on the street can train without first becoming an athlete. Yes, a degree of fitness is involved but not to such a high degree as the competitive styles.

Wing Chun is a pure self-defence form that relies more on brain/technique than brawn, and because of this it is a style equally suited to men and women alike.

It’s an incredibly practical close quarter martial art that can remain effective well into old age.

Wing Chun is based on the human body rather than that of a tiger or bear etc, because of this, students rarely experience the skeletal problems and stresses that are common in other styles.

You can apply Wing Chun in limited spaces. They say you can use it in a telephone box.

There are no high kicks in Wing Chun therefore flexibility (or lack of) is not an issue.

Wing Chun students learn how to harness chi energy to generate explosive power. This energy is also beneficial in promoting internal health.

Wing Chun is said to be quick to learn and long to master. It is a simple style with great depth.
On the practical side, most students should be able to use Wing Chun effectively within 6 months.

On a personal note, Wing Chun suits me because it does what it says on the wrapper and has become one of the many pillars on which I base my life. The benefits run far deeper than mere self-defence and in this crazy mixed up world we live in, it’s nice to have a place to go where you can focus and clear the mind.

Train safe, train smart.