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Lun Kuen Academy of Wing Chun

Bournemouth and Poole's longest established school of

Ip Man Wing Chun and Street Self Defence

Sifu Stephen Lyons

Internationally certified Master and member of the SKWCMAA

When only the best is good enough.

  • The teacher and the student are the same.
    Only difference is, the teacher has been a student longer.
  • A cup which is full of holes
    Is no longer a cup.
  • You can build a students confidence
    By improving what they can already do.
    That which they can not do then becomes achievable.
  • Question everything take nothing for granted.
    Nothing you are told is credible
    Until you discover it for yourself
  • A martial art is based on a foundation of
    Honour, Loyalty, Respect and Time.
    There are no short cuts
    But there are good salesmen.

Internationally Certified Master Grade since 2004


Yip Man Martial Arts Association Lifetime Member


SKWCMAA Hall of Honour Award

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Phone : 07756 972350