FREE Training Sessions

Humans beings have a lot to answer for, thats for sure but if anything makes my blood boil its bullies and those individuals who impose their will on others through intimidation and the threat of violence.

In my opinion Martial Arts have lost their way over the years, it has become a business model where a student is little more than a source of revenue than an individual who may need the essence that only a martial art can provide.

Learning how to fight is only one aspect of a martial art and this alone can turn an individual into that which they initially despised, I know this to be true because I was that man.

I have seen martial art sites advertising courses for hundreds, and yes, thousands of pounds, what is it that they care about?

You or your money?

So I decided to throw my toys out of my pram and pursue the fundamentals of the Martial Arts code.

Fight evil and protect the weak and innocent. In other words, try to make a difference.

So here is the deal.

Any individual who has suffered social or domestic violence, bullying or any other traumatic incident that has left them lacking in confidence and self-esteem, Lun Kuen will offer FREE training for a period of 3 months without any obligation or commitment during or after the 3 month period has expired.

You can train as often as you wish during standard class times and we wont ask you for a penny, no bank details, no forms to sign, nothing!

The only cost would be 8 pounds for insurance and thats it!

Why 3 months? Because typically this is how long it takes to start feeling comfortable about your training and yourself.

If you are happy to continue training after the 3 month period then standard class rates ( cheap as chips ) will apply, but we cannot stress enough, this is entirely your choice and you will not be put under any pressure to do so.

To take the 1st step in regaining control of your life just fill out the form below and click on the button, full confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.